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Setup Your COVID-19 War Room

COVID-19 has adversely affected the Global Economic Engine. It has impacted both – demand and supply side of the businesses. Consumer Behaviour has been fluctuating drastically and there is huge unpredictability. Initial analyses have provided some insight into behaviour patterns which show correlation with stages of COVID-19 penetration, but that is not enough to charter a response path. Multi-faceted approach for customer experience analytics is the need of the hour!

COVID-19 Impact on CPG

CPG industry is facing a unique challenge – irregular and unpredictable spikes in demand coupled with inventory management and logistics issues.

covid the situation

The Situation

  • Constant flux in consumer sentiment and behaviour
  • Pressurised supply chain
  • Reduced manufacturing
covid the management challenges

Management Challenges

  • Tried and tested planning methodologies seem to be inadequate
  • Traditional forecasting methods could prove detrimental

covid the response

The Response

  • Making sense of the sudden changes in the macro environment
  • Analysing impact on business health responding quickly, effectively

The Solution

At Sigmoid, we are helping CPG leaders make sense of the current situation using advanced CPG Data Analytics on big data from diverse sources and market tested response frameworks.

We are helping brands to set up WAR ROOMS and equipping them with a BI engine to successfully understand and manage demand/supply side issues and effectively handle inventory, assortment, pricing and promotions.

War Room

Covid War Room

Sigmoid’s Data Science and Data Engineering Teams are swiftly enabling Enterprises with Data and Dashboards

Conceptual Data Stack Architecture for CPG Enterprises

Conceptual Data Stack Architecture for CPG Enterprises
Conceptual Data Stack Architecture for CPG Enterprises

Work that we are doing for a Top 10 Consumer Goods Brand

COVID-19 Impact Analytics for a CPG Customer

in mart product in rak

The customer is a multinational consumer products company selling the top 10 consumer goods brands in areas of household, health care, personal care and veterinary products


They want to analyse the impact of COVID-19 on their business in terms of supply and demand, changing buying patterns, supply chain planning and marketing channels

provide insights and analytics

Sigmoid is helping them build a BI platform to ingest data from multiple data sources and provide insights and analytics on various aspects of the business relating to COVID-19

In graph covid impact analytics

This rapidly built scalable big data solution that adapts to the wavering patterns of consumer behavior during these pressing times is a real-life implementation of COVID-19 impact and businesses can seek to leverage such solutions to alter their course and respond better

Use COVID-19 Analytics to Respond Faster

Sigmoid is set to build detailed customer analytics and COVID-19 dashboards for its customers by consolidating the company’s internal data and publicly available infection data in a centralized view, to empower war room teams. Our in-house expertise in both data science and data engineering reduces the time businesses conventionally take to go to market, ensuring supply chain optimization.

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